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I have no interest in "swinging" as in the context of married couples swapping partners and all that (an example at: ).

Husband and I are recreational nudists and from time to time we have noticed, and/or been approached or hinted-at by, swinger-couples who were attending the same nudist venue as ourselves (such as ). (And by the way, this "swinging" behaviour is heavily frowned-upon in naturist/nudist milieus.)

I should point out that I have had my share of one-night-stands and casual-sex when I was in my teens and 20's, heck, I had sex with my husband two hours after we met, but that was a phase of my life and I am relieved to have gotten through it without any incurable diseases. I am no longer disposed to eat hamburger out when I could have a steak at home, so to speak.
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