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Smile [/Jackassery]

OK folks, you can open your eyes now - I'm done being a Complete Jackass.

Which isn't to say that I am never a little jackassy again - I have my moments/hours/days - but nothing as sustained or deceptive as the events leading up to the Implosion.

For those of you reading this, I thank you for sharing this painful part of my journey with me. Although the boys have long-since forgiven me I still feel guilt and shame over the pain I caused them. Telling my story here, revealing that I am a whole person with flaws to match is part of my path to self-forgiveness. Perhaps someone reading this can learn from my mistakes.

The next several posts will be about how I ended up "getting together" with Dude (officially) and how we three dealt with new relationship issues/boundaries/etc. All regular relationship stuff with it's own growing pains but minimal angst (with a few exceptions which I will get to down the line).
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