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Red Pepper, thanks! Of course I'll be your virtual friend! I appreciate all the support this forum has given me.

As for the night out my hubby did not attend. I was sad but also understanding and respectful of his decision. I hope in the near future he will be able to hang out and just remember that they are the same people they were before.

We all had a great time last night and it was great to talk with both of them.

Your advice was spot on. That's what friends do. Be there to listen, give advice, pick them up when they fall, etc..

As for him being insecure about me leaving we talked a long time yesterday before I headed out. He knows that I have no interest in every leaving him but I have to tell you it has brought a spark in me and I think in him too. All this talk, and with us it's just talk but it renewed something in us.

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