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Default Ready to name the beast

It's been a hectic week. Was helping to organise an event on Thursday night (and performing at it), as well as participating in a 48 hour competition over the weekend, before heading back overseas. On the way I seem to have contracted some kind of head cold so tired, icky, heavy head, but happy.

It was so good to see Sugar and eat a home-cooked meal. Our place is really cosy and, even though we've only been here a month or so, it feels like a home-coming to return here. Nice.

Carob has decided to stay in our home town, with Ella. The decision hurt a bit and it did make me feel (non-rationally) like the less favourite person... but I knew it really wasn't about that. We talked and cuddled through some fairly ragged emotions and thoughts. I'm gonna miss him heaps, but we are going to try to do long-distance better (more video chat and projects together even from a distance.) I'm feeling good about the future.

In terms of Ella, well. Gosh. She's sweet, and soft, and very lovely. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. Blush, scuff shoes, ah, *squee*


Thought it was an appropriate time to agree to be Carob's girlfriend too. He's been calling me his girlfriend since we hooked up, and I've avoided the term for some reason... now it just feels right. I guess things feel settled enough that putting a label on the jar really doesn't bother me. Won't change what is inside.

So, yeah. I might have to get one of those taglines that explain the shape of everything Eh, maybe not yet.

Aaaah. Yeah. Ella's cute. We're gonna be penpals
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