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Originally Posted by alexi View Post
I hardly find any discssions where it involves children, in a poly relationship. Hence my observation.
I guess you haven't read any of the numerous threads here on raising children in poly households, or how poly people share childraising responsibilities. We have a Master Thread on the topic with over 200 posts. Have you done a search at all?

Originally Posted by alexi View Post
In any relations between the sexes, children must be an issue.
Not in "any" relationship. That statement totally dismisses the many, many relationships of people past childbearing age. We still count. And for many other people, it isn't an "issue."

Originally Posted by alexi View Post
Infact there is a tacit understanding that care will be taken to remain childless with a poly partner.
Tacit understanding in all poly relationships? Where are you getting that from? Lots of the poly people I know in my community co-parent with their partners, and if they don't co-parent, their kids play together and whatnot. Lots of poly people who are members of this forum have kids, co-parent, and don't have rules that they not get pregnant. That sounds like some weird idea that a married couple can dictate what their unicorn can do. I don't think that's realistic at all. There are a gazillion different kinds of poly relationships. Some where people are childfree, some where people raise kids together, and everything possible that you can think of in between.

I'm just pointing out that those are some interesting generalizations you're making, but I really don't think there is much to substantiate them.
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