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I have some experience with non-native English speakers, so I can overlook incorrect word usage if I can understand the point being made (I'm occasionally guilty of affect/effect and its/it's), but the wall o' text just strikes me as such teenager-ish behavior. It's selfish, really, to want us to slog through a mess of words which are not put together well. If they don't respect the reader enough to give their best effort, why should we put effort into responding?

I'm not a naturally good writer. I have to put a lot of time into a post to be sure it makes some sort of sense outside my head, and I know I still have mistakes or miss things. But having said that, here's a pet peeve of mine about written English:

It's not "could OF". It's "could HAVE". One should HAVE written "could HAVE" instead of "could OF", and I would HAVE! :P
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