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Default Is it normal to have open relationship with same person?

My girlfriend wants an open relationship and what I read online it sounds like that typically is just a one night stand. But she wants to see the same person over and again. She says she made clear to him she doesnt want relationship and she tells me she loves only me, but Im concerned. It would bother me less if it was just one night stands.

This is the first time ive ever heard of open relationship, so I dont know if I can trust what she is saying because at first I was going to kick her out because I thought she was cheating (she disapeared a few times sometime til 3am) no calls no texts no explanation ... and today after I starting packing her things to leave she brings up open relationships and i love her and she says she love me but i dont know if i should worry that this is just something because i was about to kick her out and she has no money and no place to go and is just waiting to meet the right person to leave me.
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