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Default My girlfriend wants open relationship I need help and advice

My girlfriend brought out that she wants open relationship. And she says she loves me and this bring us closer and she says the other people dont mean anything to her.

Today she was texting someone and it just really bothered me because i dont know what they are talking about.

She is beautiful girl and of course is easy for her to find someone to be with like that. But I lack confidence and dont feel like I have the skills that she has to date other girls my girlfriends have been far few between.

We are living together now for 1 year. I dont know if I could do this and would like help form some people, maybe just to talk through this tough time with me.

I am open to answer any questions and hear any advice. Ive read many sites as well about making boundaries, and im somewhat open to the idea but i think i might get to jealous and/or dont feel like its fair to me if im not dating other people and she is.

help me please with advice
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