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Originally Posted by quiet2girl2 View Post
What I've been trying to say for days now, is that my biggest fear when I started this second relationship was that at some point he would decide that he was ready for a "real" relationship, and that some new woman would enter the picture and edge me out.
First off, Welcome! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for reinforcing something my bf (who is poly) has been saying to me all along, his fear of me moving on and leaving him behind. Usually I believe him, but sometimes it's hard to believe that he would be that devestated considering he has a SO at home. But he insists that he would be truely heartbroken if I chose to move on. So, thank you for that.

Originally Posted by quiet2girl2 View Post
He and I enjoy what little time we have to spend with each other, but are both frustrated with how little time there seems to be in a week. hat seems to be happening is what was once our little "v" is turning into more of a zig zag.
It can be frustrating! I hear you. In the begining, my love and I saw each other every other week. Then every week. Recently, after almost 2 years, I asked for more frequent facetime. I got it, for a week or two, but now, for a number of reasons (some understandable, some not so much!) we are back to weekly dates. But we make the most of them. I'd rather our beautiful, quality time than no time at all. This is where a positive, accepting attitude really does make the difference. It's contagious! lol.
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