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Originally Posted by KnotOfKells View Post
We're also long-distance (very, very long-distance) at present. He is planning on moving here and getting a place with me, and I'm a little freaked to be honest, because it's a lot happening very fast.
Uh, and rightly so, I think!

You may think you know him, but... you don't know if you can live together! Slow down! If he wants to move near you, that's his choice BUT DON'T get a place together!!! At least not until you've spend more time as a couple in real life. Furthermore, if he is not accepting of you having other relationships, that is a huge hurdle to get past and living together will not make it easy to deal with, especially when you would still be getting to know each other and negotiating boundaries. How the hell do you expect this to work?

Time to use a little common sense, it seems.
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