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The same time DC decided to become mono with me MP decided that her relationship with DI wasn't worth it. (Important side note: DC would do whatever it takes to make the people he's in love with happy even if that meant unhappiness for him unfortunately me and her don't want the same things) Because we do not have amarriage for me and him planned in the immediate future it causes less drama for now to not divorced now.

To answer your question, if I had made the decision early on to reevaluate our relationship, before now then I might say it wasn't worth it but with each day that goes by I realize that he is the greatest thing that has happened to me.

Love takes us by surprise when you least expect it.

My biggest goal for being here is to have someone to talk about our situation and read what situations others have going on I don't really want poly but I want him to be happy too.
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