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Henry & June

I recently watched "Three Men and a Little Lady" for the 1st time. In the first half of the film, I'm thinking, "Cool! An older mainstream film showing a functional poly household, with a kid!" The mom totally acts like she is married to all three of them, and it works extremely well. The men are best friends and even act like they're married to each other at times. The little girl is obviously very well adjusted. Everyone communicates well, supports each other, etc. There is patience, love, humor and kindness. They are an awesome family. Then one day the woman freaks out about sex and starts going on about needing something normal, and runs off to marry the first loser who asks her! The film makes it clear that she is about to completely screw up her kid's life permanently. The man she was about to marry had no respect for her and was lying to her. Of course, Hollywood has one of the other 3 men decide he loves her, and they get married instead. Huh? What about the other 2 men she loves who also love her? That damn film seriously needed a poly bomb to be tossed right into the middle of that shit. It was obvious that a poly situation would have been the best thing for everyone involved, and even better - they would have all been cool with it!

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