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Hi and welcome!

Originally Posted by dryaddreaming View Post
Hello everyone,

I have currently put any dates I may have set up for the near future on hold so I can focus on this. I fully intend to continue to meet and date other people though, at least occasionally. I do not have any strong emotional attachments to anyone else at this time.
I just wanted to respond to this. I know that everybody is different, but for me, it was actually helpful to be dating while my husband was forming a very strong and emotional attachment to his girlfriend (they've been together for 10 months now).
You say you want to focus on 'this', and by that I assume you mean your husband, the relationship with your husband, and his new relationship. My advice, for what its worth, would be to focus on YOU as well.. whether through dating or through something else that is truly and only about you and not about the other relationship dynamics.
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