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I like the concept, but I can't imagine living that way. It's very important for me to live with the people I love. And, bluntly, none of the people I love are related to me. In that culture, I would have to keep living with my mother and brothers, would not have been raised by my father, who is really the only redeemable one, and I would not get to live with my boyfriend.
If I had the choice to switch lives for that one, I would run away, as it would feel way too much like being trapped.

Even if the option was to live alone, without my biological family, I would pass. After all, I already have this option, but choose instead to live with men. I care for the companionship way more than I care about the sex.
Even with one resident partner, I guess I can imagine having a man visit me regularly, but I can't imagine not wanting more. Most of the enjoyable parts of a romantic relationship, to me, are the ones that come from everyday life. Cooking together, driving to work together, walking the dogs together. Just being in the same room, one reading, the other on a computer, and interrupting our activities to exchange a comment on what we're doing. Eating meals together.

I would hate to be unable to do it with my partners, and I would hate to have to do it with my biological relatives.

I find it interesting, and I love that it's one example of a matriarchal society, but it's definitely not something I would be interested in.
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