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Originally Posted by FigNewtonian View Post
At the risk of raising the hackles of BaB (*kiss*) this paragraph is why I was/am very vocal about being understanding, and loving, if she needed to make another choice for her best interest.

She, of course, sees those statements as a sign that she's ancillary to my continued happiness easily disposable. Which, of course, is not accurate. I just don't feel comfortable exerting any sort of undue pressure or influence over someone's individual choices particularly when I stand to directly benefit.
Are you sure you aren't my BF??!! LOL!!! This sounds almost exactly what he has said to me in the past in response to my concern about being disposable and with regards to doing what's best for me, in my best interest.

Originally Posted by FigNewtonian View Post
If circumstances fall into place, I would be perfectly content, and very much expect to settle into a mono life again with BaB at some point in the future. For me intellectually this is talking to people who have lived on the mountain even if all you intend to do is get to the top and look around, and then head back down.
You know, my bf has said that for being involved with 2 women, he is the most loyal and faithful man I'll ever meet. And I believe him. I believe circumstances nudged him into an Open Relationship and luck moved us into a Poly situation. There's more than 2 of us in this relationship but I trust him implicitly. That's a perk of having such open, honest, caring communication.

Thank you for your insights and on my bf's behalf, thank you for that reinforcement! Have a great weekend!
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