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Hello and thank you

We have been married for 18 years and have 3 children. I was 19 when we married.

We have done counseling a few times over the years but never made it past 3 sessions as he always says they just tell him its all his fault and I do nothing wrong. Although that has never really happened and the last time (about 8 years ago) the 3 weeks were filled with homework that was more specific to me and negativity issues I was having. Although he did agree last night to go again.

Yes I did last night again as a matter of a fact. She began screaming at me because I was breaking the rules by contacting him during her time. The rule was he had to be available for contact and was not allowed to turn his phone off when he was staying at her house. I know this current relationship is not going to work, I have found her to be manipulative and she tells me things to make me feel bad and create doubt in not only my worth but in my relationship. When he gets home today we are going to have a deep heart to heart and I am going to let him know that she is not right for our mix. If she was truly interested in helping him grow, she would listen to him and help him work through things and look at the bigger picture instead of taking a small gripe he has and picking at it until it is a large oozing life threatening hole. She has no interest in being respectful to my concerns. I as the only one who made any concessions in the arrangements.

I had considered it, right now I dont want an additional relationship. I have to much other things in life that require my attention.
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