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Thank you for the clarification on the book and the specific quote, Ceoli

My comments regarding my feelings on the Ethical Slut are just as valid for Love Without Limits. I also think it's too new-agey, and it is not my poly-ness that makes me think that way, it's my rationality, since that's the lens that addresses issues of spirituality.

Love Without Limits is even less likely to be embraced by the mainstream monogamous culture precisely because it is more about loving multiple people and less about multiple sexual partners than Ethical Slut since mainstream monogamous society has a place for multiple sexual partners (cheating, playing the field, pimps, studs, dating around, fuckbuddies, etc., even swingers are understood to some degree).

So in addition to the non-sequitor of monogamy being the reason for Mono's "open-mindedness" of new-age spirituality, in a sociological trend sort of way it's also not likely that whatever it is that makes someone monogamous will also make that same person like a book that recommends new-agey polyamory.

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