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To give you my background. I am Active USN 9 years in my gf is active USN 11 years in. If your partner or you are married and in the military you are guilty of adultery punishable under the UCMJ Article 134 General Misconduct, listed in paragraph 62 (stupid catch all). This is indisputable. Now other concerns to watch out for, if your spouse or partners spouse gets upset about this, they can blow the whistle and no matter if they agreed at one point and you stopped when they asked you are still guilty of it. It is the sad fact. You are subject to NJP for this, max punishment is able to be granted 45/45, reduction in rank by one rank, and half a months pay x2 months. If you are E7-E9 and think you are safe because of the Act of Congress thing, you are wrong your reenlistment paper work will be denied. If you are an officer you will lose your commissioning. Work around if you feel you are going to get busted set up allotments that they they can only take half of what you leave in your primary bank out. Also if your partner is military as well you have to worry about Article 92 Fraternization. Best advice, tread lightly and tell no one. I know my gf was in a triad and didn't tell anyone besides her best friend and family. Her retired Master Chief father, wasn't pleased but gave the same advice to her.

Now if both parties are single, as usual for the military they could care less about single people. Hope this helped

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