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Originally Posted by psychomia View Post
I do not accept paradigms solely on societal acceptance because I believe that society is, for the most part, led by a few who decide what our moral values should be. "society", for comfort, tends to buy into morality without question. I prefer to analyze a belief and decide if it's valid for me or not.
Good lord, too true.
Sounds like you had a rough start to finding where your place in a relationship should be.
I mentioned the disclaimer because I seriously do not want to offend, but I recognize and appreciate that your brain works slightly different than the majority of people (I'd often say better...). Because of this, it does not surprise me that you have seen things for what they are and accept your own paradigms based solely on their own merits. Chances are, you're far more rational and logical than most, which is awesome. Too many simply follow the herd (which is fine for some, I guess...), but I'd rather not be a zombie sheeple.

So, from your perspective on things, do you have any general tidbits outside of the default list of do's, don't and warnings I see here? I have the feeling that, based on our very firm foundation in our relationship, my wife and I are in a good place to explore our emotions in the context of being poly, and should be able to do so without (much) pain or jealousy.

I'm looking forward to getting my wife on here btw, so she can add her $0.02 as well.
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