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Originally Posted by BaggageReclaim View Post
We all got together and talked (briefly) and implemented a schedule where Jay would be home two nights a week and alternate weekends, which seemed to make things OK between them.
Sorry! My mistake! I thought whenyou said that "we implemented a schedule" this meant that when he wasn't at home 2 nights a week and alternate weekends, that he was with you.

I agree that nobody can spend 100% of their time with another person. Between work and hobbies and other commitments, it's impossible (and unhealthy) to spend all of your time with the same person. The amount of responsibility he has that you noted, is normal in married relationships, especially when there is a child involved.

Nobody is accusing him of being neglectful. If that were the case, which you are saying it isn't, that reduced amount of time spent can be normal in a relationship that is ending. Sometimes it's easier to stay away than deal with upset and drama at home. Sometimes it's better to walk away from a situation than to have a child witness that kind of negativity.
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