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Question The Beginning. The end. Somewhere in between.

Spoke to my sister about myself. She seemed understanding. More so than I give her credit for. She gave me her thoughts and ideas about the way I'm choosing to now live. She also gave some insights to speak with my husband. I briefly spoke to him and he seemed to understand what I needed.

So being from such a small community now that I've explained to the important people in my life. My husband wants to know "now what"? Now? Now, I'm not sure. I just wanted my feelings known, but now?

All these questions he's asking and I really don't have the answers for him. Am I now going to be actively looking for a third? Well, I don't know. So many questions and not enough answers. Maybe the morning will bring some perspective.

As im lying here thinking about everything I've told my loved ones I'm wondering if they still understand? Am I overthinking?

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