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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I hope this is not too brash or insensitive, but I find it interesting to note that you are self identified as poly and have aspergers. Do you tend to not accept a paradigm or such solely based on societal acceptance? You should read "Sex at Dawn" I think, it might help answer some questions for you. It is certainly changing the way I think of monogamy and societal norms.
brash? insensitive? I'm not sure what you mean

you can feel free to ask whatever you want. I put it out there for that reason.

I do not accept paradigms solely on societal acceptance because I believe that society is, for the most part, led by a few who decide what our moral values should be. "society", for comfort, tends to buy into morality without question. I prefer to analyze a belief and decide if it's valid for me or not.

the reason I was mono and straight for a long time is because I got married and involved with a very patriarchal and misogynistic cult. I was gaslighted regularly by the man I was married to, and was constantly shamed by the cult leaders and after a while I lost the will to fight or even live. it was easier to do what they wanted. it took years to heal from that. it's a strange thing for a person like me to end up there... and it didn't happen in a day or it wouldn't have happened at all. it was mostly a result of my naivete and inability to know when someone is lying to me.
solo polyamorous pansexual queer biological female with Aspergers.
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