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No it's not just you. I think both opinions or views are prevalent here.
With in all that you have the distinction of "being in love" and having a loving bond. Ive heard many times "I love the person but I'm not "in love" with them.

Could one argue that love is pure energy? And that loving relationships are just a exchange or transfer of energy. Which makes the quantifying process difficult or impossible.

Do you have any mono partners?


Funny the parent child analogy was used by my wife until I pointed that her sister was the agreed upon favorite and I have a much closer relationship with my parents than my sister...bordering on excommunication. And lots of parents and children disown each other and the same with siblings.

I think the op was suggesting that from a self worth point of view that equality and symmetry could be vital components to her happiness and comfort.


Great point .....1 out of 6 who responded. 700 and counting on the number of views and you are the only one to respond. Seems strange.

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