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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
First, I find that I can't quantify the amount of love I feel for a person. Being unable to do that, it's very hard for me to do any sort of comparison of whether I love one person more than another.
Just my thoughts.

From my perspective as a Mono-Sec, I don't think the issue is that we doubt that we are loved less. I don't feel that at all.

I'm loved differently, which is normal. You never love anyone the same way as you love another, regardless of the nature of the relationship.

My bf is very clear that the amount of time that we spend together is not a direct correlation to the amount of love that he feels for me. If anything, we realize that our limitations in being together just makes our bond stronger - NRE is extended, we value our time, it's more of an extended "honeymoon" than the mundane day-to-day. We focus on all that's good. It's true quality time. And I like that.

I think the real issue is whether or not you are content with the time commitment that your partner can provide and whether or not you can accept that. Time Spent does not equal Love Felt.
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