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Originally Posted by PolyCurious4 View Post
It is finals week so he's been driving back to our town to take an exam each day, he goes in early to study and he's studying now. So I'm here alone with his folks a good chunk of the day.
This right here would not fly with me. If MC's parents were visiting from out of state it would NOT be at a time when he had to be gone more than usual. HE needs to be there when HIS parents are visiting or the visit gets scheduled for another time. End of story. (can you tell I don't have the greatest relationship with my in-laws??)
We get a short bit of time to talk before we go to sleep. He texts me ocassinally while he's gone but with the excitement of it all she's getting a great deal of his attention. All our time is spent with his parents or with our daughter.
This would bother me too, especially as it's his exam schedule AND a visit from HIS parents eating up extra time...and now more time is going to be taken by HIS gf?? No. Reasonable agreements were made before the visit. She can wait a week until the visit is over.

I dislike when people uses phrases like "sounds like it's just NRE" or recommends not worrying about it or not taking it "too seriously" because it's "only NRE". I understand NRE can lead people to act like jerks or asshats without realizing (I'm one of them!) but once it's been pointed out to the person, they need to be an adult and shape up. NRE isn't an excuse for inconsiderate behavior any more than dressing a certain way is an excuse for unwanted attention. Once the inappropriate behavior has been pointed out in either case, there's no justifiable reason for it to continue.
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