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Default One month later

Blu and I are close again after a strange period of estrangement. She went out last night, to the same bar that we went out with Bent to last month. She told me today that she was thinking about him. I really didn't know how to react when she brought him up. Like I said in last post, I can tell she wants him but knows that he has a girlfriend and is not being honest to his gf.

When she mentioned him , I refrained from reminding her of this fact because she seemed to get pleasure from her memory of him. Im happy that the thought doesnt seem to bring her pain anymore. Just quiet pining.

Do you think this is the right approach? I know some people say communicate communiacte communicate...but when does communicating become selfishness? I ask this question because although I have a lot on my mind, I think that it is more respectful to let her express these feelings without an instant comment from me.
What do you think?
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