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Originally Posted by CheesyLady View Post
I think anneintherain nailed it on the head. I thought we were in the friends with benefits arena, but its really just benefits and not really a very good friend.
Sadly, the phrase, "friends with benefits" isn't really used to mean what it says. I'd rather that it did, personally, since friendship is the bare minimum of involvement and commitment required for me to slip under the sheets with someone. A friendship can be rather loosely tied, or much closer, with varying amounts of time spent together, and it's still a friendship. But friends actually DO care for and about one another, and that's the bare minimum required for me to get turned on and want to do something about it.

The word "friend" has taken a beating in this way and in others. Consider what a "friend" is on Facebook (aka, Fakebook). And I think it's more than a little okay to be "snooty" about the word, and to demand that it be used in a dignified way. Things matter. People matter. Nihilism sucks.
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