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Default New...Hi everyone.

Nervous. Don't really know what to say. I come from a very small town and being poly isn't the best way to live my life here. My family and friends all live here though. I haven't met anyone with the similar views of relationships as me. When I tried speaking "hypothetically" with my sister, I got this judgement look and what would people say speech since everyone knows everyone. She pretended she understood but she basically told me that would make me a whore. I've been conflicted for awhile and never thought to find support online but I hope I can find someone to talk to who understands and find some way to also tell my husband. I've felt this wat about relationships all my life but fell in with what my family considers morrally right and just basically did what they did. I don't understand jealousy in a relationship because love should be unconditional right? I just need....something?
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