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Originally Posted by love13 View Post
That all decided - keep closed lips and an open ear to my heart and see how I really feel - the FUNNIEST things have happened. Mr. several times confessed his attraction for me, in group setting, and similarly Mrs. has twice alluded to or directly proposed a swap. Timing and circumstance prohibited immediate action (dang!), but it certainly indicated some openness and attraction on both of their behalves.
I would still warn you against having sexual contact with either him or his wife until you know for sure what you're feeling. Confused feelings + sex = even more confusion and possible drama!

I understand not talking about it until you're sure of what you're feeling, but I still think that letting yourself become sexual with this man without your husband knowing that you may have more than friendly feelings is tantamount to cheating and/or lying. You would be encouraging your husband to enter into a situation when he doesn't know the whole story.
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