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Originally Posted by BaggageReclaim View Post
What do you do when your partner is losing someone he loves? I think I'm doing OK but I worry about whether I'm doing it wrong. Poly makes everything feel new and uncertain for me.
Hi BR,

I have to ask, how do you feel about the breakup? Understanding how you feel about it will determine how you help and react. Of course you are hurting for him and his loss - you love him and want him to be happy. But is there a part of you that's relieved or excited about a prospect for more time/attention with you? Or on the flipside, is there a part of you that is nervous, uncertain about your future with him now that it's ended with his wife? Maybe a bit of both?

Our situations are (were) quite similar. My bf and his SO are still committed to each other but that uncertainty and all the other issues you stated are common in this type of relationship.

I feel for you. (((Hugs)))
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