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Update time.

Jay and I were able to talk things out. Nothing dramatic, just voiced certain assumptions and re-set expectations. Funny how things are remarkable when they aren't working, but when they are suddenly it doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. Hardly worth talking about.

We're still talking about things, but I feel like we cleared the air on a lot of issues that had been causing friction. I thought we had good communication before, but there were things that were just difficult to talk about, but now aren't.

We had a month or so of blissful uneventfulness. Hung out all together once at their place. That was enough for me to feel reassured about how it all fit together. I told Jay that doing something like that once a month or so would be enough to make me happy.

Last week life threw a curveball. Bee initiated a relationship talk, and they essentially decided to split up. I don't need to get into the details. They've decided to remain good friends and co-parents and roommates for now. It seems really sudden but at the same nothing in their interaction has really changed. Jay is taking it pretty hard. I'm trying to be a listening ear and refrain from saying anything that might come across as judgey. Trying to stay positive about everything, and also dealing with my own feelings about the situation without loading it onto Jay.

What do you do when your partner is losing someone he loves? I think I'm doing OK but I worry about whether I'm doing it wrong. Poly makes everything feel new and uncertain for me.
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