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Default Changing My Life Today

I'm excited to be here, and hope for some feedback and advice.

I recently ended a monogamous relationship with an incredible woman. She was bright, funny, loving--the full package. I don't think I've ever had a better relationship. Yet, it wasn't me. There was a problem: she wanted romantic and sexual exclusivity for life.

The whole notion of that doesn't make sense to me, it just doesn't compute. At the same time, honesty and trust are the bedrocks of intimacy for me, and while being faithful, I did let her know what i was wrestling with, which made her feel "unsafe" and led to the end of the relationship.

So I'm looking meet others with a similar "orientation" (who want love AND freedom), and would be so grateful and ready to follow any advice here on how to start in this community (I'm LA-based).

I do feel as a single male entering the community, it's going to be especially awkward and difficult, but maybe that isn't true?

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