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some of genebean's family is a little difficult to get along with. They hate anyone who is different, and anyone who won't band to what they want.

because of that, her family doesn't like me. Well half of the familt doesn't. We live, until august, with her mother. Don't misunderstand, we all pay equal rent, and got the house together. After nine months, momma bear realized she can't take our lifestyle. Much of this has to do with influence from the unfavorable side of the family. Two of the sisters are real well, bitches.

my point being, genebean is taking her mom moving out hard. We were going to move out when the lease was up anywho, but she feels her mom wants nothing to do with her. Which is debatable. So she's in a hard place right now. Probably the most difficult place in her life. Because of which, I think I may have to let her push back opening up our relationship. I'm not happy about it, in fact i'm very very upset about it, but she'll be cutting her ties with her mom one week, and opening a relationship the next. I think that'll be a little too much for her. Damnit, this waiting is really wearing thin.
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