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I think anneintherain nailed it on the head. I thought we were in the friends with benefits arena, but its really just benefits and not really a very good friend.

DH, I don't hink there was a misunderstanding. I knew he didn't want a relationship, and I was convinced I didn't want one either. That what the agreement was. Then I realized what I wantedchanged on me rather rapidly and in trying to figure out what to do about it I ended up back on here.

Mr C...oh man. No contact. Divorce finalized in early february and just last week I got an email that he forgives me everything, wishes me to be happy and please not try to contact him in the future. The only contact up until then was functional anyway, finishing the papers for the divorce, real estate agent, etc. No calls of how are you or anything, but whatever. I figured out all he as about was control, and basically since I thought for myself he couldn't control me and out I went. It will be interesting for him when he realizes that he can no longer blame me for his unhappiness what will happen to him...
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