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Is Sward more empathetic than you? I ask because I recognize myself in your description of being happy doing what you are doing day to day, and relying on your partners to bring issues to you when they occur rather than actively noticing that something is awry and going to ask the person what's going on. (At least that's what I tend to do). I've realized that my more empathetic friends and/or lovers are often very hesitant to speak up as you described Sward. One reason for his hesitancy is that, if he is empathetic, he is literally happy that you are happy and does not want to rock that boat - because he would then feel that you are 'not happy' as in interrrupted in what you are doing. Also, if he is not unusually empathetic, he sounds like he is more willing to give you your way, which makes you happy, which he doesn't want to interrupt and the cycle continues. I've found that I've had to explain to my empathetic friends that they have to interrupt me, tell me what's going on with them, becasue - compared to them - I am sensitive as rocks and Will Not Get It without their explicit help. Empaths are so used to 'knowing' what others feel that they sometimes forget that others are not so gifted.

Anyway, perhaps this is helpful and perhaps not. But it was fun to discuss!
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