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Originally Posted by PolyCurious4 View Post
I only asked that he tone down the frequency of talking because I was feeling a little overwhelmed and it was put forth as "just gimme a couple days to work through my insecurities without it being so in my face with the constant texts. He agreed he was getting a little carried away. He is a very articulate person and has no problem speaking his mind. He said he thought the request was reasonable and would be happy to etc.. The next day rather than toning it down he tried to schedule a date despite already agreeing we wouldn't.
Ok, here's my understanding of events:
  • He exchanges text messages with his GF at the rate of 427/hr.
  • You ask him to tone down the frequency of the texts.
  • He reduces communication to 3 messages/hr, one of which happens to be about a possible future date.
  • He runs the idea past you to check for schedule conflicts.
  • You become angry because he agreed to tone down the relationship while his family is in town.
Am I close? If so, did you ask him to tone down the relationship or to tone down the frequency of communication? From what you've written it sounds like you asked for the latter but actually wanted the former. He did as requested and reduced the number of texts, but didn't back away from the relationship at all because you hadn't actually asked him to.

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