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I'm happy to report that things are progressing. at least they aren't stuck where they were

E's wife invited me and my kid to attend their last family movie night and it went really well, I think. E has been more accessible and seems to feel more relaxed about how things are going.

FWB is still working through things, and he's being way more open than he ever has about his feelings. we took a break from each other for a week and he did go out and get a girl's number. he felt awkward talking to me about it after but I encouraged him to call her. I'm glad he wasn't just sitting at home feeling depressed.

I'm seriously thinking of going on some dates and trying to find a third partner. I really didn't think I could handle more than two, but I actually think it would be nice to have an additional intimate person to be around when my 2 guys go off the deep end for whatever reason, whether it's emotional, new relationship, or engrossing project. at this point I'm just thinking about it. I do value my time alone so my fear is getting caught up with someone who needs too much of my time and overwhelms me.
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