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so sorry you felt interrogated ...not my intention. I wont ask any more questions.

Here's where I was coming from.

Question 1 said you wouldn't terminate another relationship for the sake of the primary I just wonder how other relationships had come and gone on there own. And wouldn't be a shame if you had sacrificed your marriage for one of those.

Q2 mention of hubs participation in those discussions. might be difficult in a full sense unless you were fully out.

Q4...just envisioning a typically family vacation and how that might work ...especially with teenage kids. In fact here again I might opt out...having been trapped on long car trips....time for co -primary pilot to take over.

Q5 ...based on what I told my wife. And how it would work would be his withdrawal from your life ..not the kids ...not responsibilities around the house. Point was primary might not be what everybody wants ...would you be ok with that shift....or would it be insulting.

Good point on soul ...I guess its just the drama I heard too many times.
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