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Ive yet to sleep over when my bfs wife is home but i assume we would all sleep in the same bed. Other times ive been over with them we all cuddle togehter watching movies, he sits in the middle while wife and gf snuggle up on either side of him. Out in public same thing, he sits between us, stands between us and we all hold hands. Weve gone to disneyland together once and it went well. We took turns sitting with him on rides where it was a 2 seater or she and i would ride together while he sat alone, we would snuggle up together on bigger rides and on the carasoul (sp?) he again sat in the middle of us while all on horsies. We got a few stares but nothing major we werent openly touching or making out or putting on a spectical just holding hands, cuddling and the occasional peck on the lips.

I have to admit lately i feel a little awkward having to much contact with him with wife around because we are having a lil trouble re: the post i made in new to poly, im never sure how she will react or what she allows.

March 26, 2009

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