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I made sure that everyone I am seeing right now has seen this blog. Its mandatory for me, from now on, that they get regularly updated to what I say here so there will be no chance that they don't know what I say and don't get three years worth of select blogging at once. So far that has gone over well. No one has understood why I am insisting really, but it was a fearful few hours waiting for the incoming thoughts of what I have been saying. I pushed through it as I don't want to end up losing a relationship again, as I did with Leo, because of this blog.

My new friends ex has spent six weeks now in denial that its over and constantly texting, messaging and phoning him and various other people in his life. Including me. Last night she removed all of us from fb. I am hoping that is the end of it. It would of been fine if she had taken the break up seriously and taken the time to heal and moved on, but it got to a point of her thinking she had to sever ties completely and then sabotaging her relationships with everyone to make that break. To bad she didn't have the patience to just let everyone heal. Mostly herself.

I was hopeful for a bit, and grieving myself, but there has been too much said and there has been some clarity that is just too heavy to carry. I put down the load and said my good-byes.
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