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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
this has been a rough day. I can't feel guilty for looking at other wemen. So i'm not going to anymore. I'm no longer going to feel guilty for having sexual desires for anyone else. Or even for masterbating any more, it does me no good, and it is only natural. I'm not going to feel guilty anymore, and she can't make me. I'll wait the time agreed upon before dating/being anything more than friends with anyone else, we agreed on a boundary, and i'm not going to break it. But when that time comes, i'm not going to feel guilty about it, and in the mean time, i'm not going to feel guilty or ashamed for having other desires.
Good for you. I've always found it silly to guilt anyone I was in a relationship with for finding other women desirable. My ex ALWAYS felt bad about it, without my help. I would encourage the acknowledgement but I guess it just registered as 'cheating' in his mind.
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