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I feel the same way about missing Mya. A month feels like a throughoutly long time. The time since Paris has went by quite fast, but at the moment it is crawling (for me the reason is very possibly that I don't yet have a job). Anyway, I'm determined not to be focused on that. We have a skype date soon, that should be fun.

I had a really wonderful weekend. I skyped with Mya and a friend of mine, so I feel quite social. I also spent a lot of time with Alec, we gamed together and did other things, it was lovely. I did have quite adequate time for myself, as well, and I read a book.

I haven't spend much time on the Internet lately, and I'm thinking I'll take even more off. Not a total break, but I will attempt to only spend my time on things that give more than they take. I will definitely be visiting the journal section on this forum, and perhaps the general discussions. However, I think I'll skip reading poly stuff elsewhere for a while. When first becoming poly, I found so many useful and interesting things, but lately I've felt like I'm putting energy into things that aren't giving as much. First I got huge practical use out of what I read and processed, but now I feel that I've internalised most of what I feel is beneficial, and I want to concentrate on living only. I guess I'm polysaturated in relation to information at the moment.
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