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One of my sisters, along with 2 cousins and most of my close friends know Im in a poly relationship. My sister, one cousin and few friends that dont really agree are still being supportive and not making it a big deal so its not affecting our relationships at all. My other friends and cousin just said whatever makes me happy and are fine with it. Even the cousin and a friend who doesnt agree have met my bf and got along with him, my best friend and a childhood frined have met both my bf and his wife and things went well. One day in class we had free time and were talking in small groups, someone mentioned something negative about something poly they had heard so I jumped up to defend it, i mentioned my relationship status and they all understood except for one guy who right away played the oh well its all about just having more sex deal. I corrected him and he shut up only after warning me not to give that info to anyone because they could take it as me being a slut. Thats the only negative response ive ever gotten. Anyway Im pretty out to most people except my parents and other siblings who i know would never understand. I dont advetise like Laz said but if it comes up oh well im not ashamed of it. Also lately ive found that i slip up and say my bfs wife if something comes up that she likes or whatever, then people give me strange looks but dont ask, i keep reminding myself not to do that.

March 26, 2009

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