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Now, I've been mostly lurking around here. I did have some questions, mainly whether we could be going too slow. Just as I was gathering thoughts to post, we seem to have collectively stepped off of a cliff. No, scratch that. It's more like we got shot out of a cannon and are floating on air.

So, we have been meeting irregularly. Coffee, walks, girls make out, some of that for me, then we go home. Nights like that usually resulted in hours-long bed conversations with my wife and the usual roll in the hay. We talked about our girl, where this was going, what could be... Everything. She had some apprehensions. Not abut us, our relationship could not be any more solid. We are a single entity, we are part of his one thing. Heck, we're even dating a girl as a team. No, she was worried about our girl. Our girl has had some horrendously bad relationships in the past. She is not known to be poly. So, my wife was worried that she may be looking for a "regular partner" and we might be keeping her from that.

Now, my position on this was that she is a big girl and we are not insisting on anything. We aren't even asking, beyond the normal social invitation. If we all wind up wearing the same lipstick every time we meet that kinda tells me she is in it as much as we are. She isn't very talkative and we are not orderly planners, so there wasn't a planning session with a flowchart for this relationship. We all just did what we felt was right.

And then my favorite part of the year rolled around.
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