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I hope Mono doesn't leave over something like this.

Originally Posted by Joreth
If you say that Trait A created in a person Trait B, then one can assume that everyone with Trait A will be likely to also have Trait B.

If you say that the reason why Sarah sucks at math is because she is female, that implies that all females suck at math because it is her femaleness that makes her bad at math.
I don't think this issue boils down to such simple logic. I think we are more in the shades or grey realm. For example, if I said that men are stronger than women, that could be taken many ways. On average men are due to the differences in hormones. However, there are many women stronger than me (a male). This is mostly noting a correlation or trend.

I don't think anyone is insulting monogamous people, specifically a monogamous man. It came across to me that he was pointing out cultural and sexual biases. We see our world through the lenses of that we are familiar with.

I read Mono's point as pointing out that the Ethical Slut is very sexualized compared to books more focused on building poly relationships. To someone who has thought about poly, this book is not too revolutionary. It covers a superset of nonmonogamy. But to someone new, this book may be a bit too much.

I do agree with you on the pure logic of the issue. However, I saw that Mono was talking more about monogamous people who were new to the concept and trying to learn about it. "Wiring" may not have been the best choice of words as it implies a lot about what makes a person poly or mono.
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