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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
... It's not a huge deal but I hate not knowing because I always assume the worst (there was an accident, etc).
I had an actual panic attack one time when my husband didn't answer the phone for over an hour at one point. It wasn't even a time when he was out having fun, he was leaving work and planned to stop at a couple of places on his way home. I was with my girlfriend, and while I was sitting her driveway before I left her house, I called him to see if we were going to get home at about the same time and such. The weather was crappy so I wasn't sure if he'd went ahead with errands or decided to go straight home. He didn't answer. I left a silly voicemail. He didn't answer a couple of subsequent calls... I get home (20ish minutes later).. Still no word. I keep calling probably 30 times. Still no answer. He gets a hysterical voicemail where I can barely breathe, am obviously crying, and am basically hysterical. I was so afraid he'd been in a wreck because of the bad roads or something like that that I was FREAKING OUT.

He has never forgotten to turn his ringer back on after work OR to text when he's going to be late since then.
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