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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post

Like I said, it's probably me, and I'm probably way off-base. Based on your response, and the lack of response from anyone else, it's more than likely just me...
Nope, not just you.

I can accept that some people are simply interested in sex, although that attitude doesn't appeal to me personally.

I think what throws me though is when people focus entirely on sex and don't even seem to realize it: they seem to think they are talking about an emotional/loving relationship but in fact the sexual aspect of it seems to be all that is really registering or all they are really pursuing. Just makes me feel weird or uncomfortable in a way I can't totally explain.

At the same time, sexual attraction or chemistry can have a powerful effect on building a connection and fostering a feeling of love; it's not always that easy to evaluate how much of that "madly in love" feeling is due to the pull of attraction vs other factors. To me this is also disconcerting (in my own life, not so much in the posts), in that it makes me distrust myself a bit.

Overall I agree with prev posters that gray areas cover a fair bit of ground.
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