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Default Not feeling like poly?

Am I being too jealous or overreacting when my husband thinks it's ok to rub oil on our friends naked body when her husband is not involved and would be very upset if finding out?? If its not all consenting, that it's not poly. My husband thinks intimatacy only involves intercourse. I feel it it is a warm embrace with a long kiss and rubbing oil on a naked body. What's right? SHould I let them make their own decisions? She does like me too, but I chose not to get involved. He did agree to not touch while naked (we are nudists).

Hubby and I have been married for 10 yrs. 8 of them fun swinging years. We found it much more fulfilling to be in intimate friendships involving sex. and thus our pursuit for a poly relationship.

Please let me know your thoughts. In the past I have not been jealous as long as everything is consentual. I now do not trust my friend's intentions if she can lie to her husband about her trying to find intimacy over at our house.

Any thought will be greatly appreciated. thx
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