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Im not hearing the one important thing that *I* would need to hear.

Ill explain with an example. My hubby went out to the bar to meet a friend (female) knowing there was a hookup chance. He told me he'd be home no later than 11:30. At 1, I texted him, asking if he was in the ditch or the doghouse (yes, im sarcastic). He immediately called me explaining that she got hammered and he was on his way home and would explain. When he got home, he said she was too drunk too drive, so he drove her home; her babysitter drove back to the bar with him to get her car, then he called me.

Long story later, my issue was the bar was 3 blocks from her place and that didnt equal an hour and a half. While i was happy he didnt let her drive drunk ... he still put me in a position of worrying needlessly and that i did not appreciate it.

He didnt see my issue, but has respected my feelings and has not done this to me since. That is what worries me. As individuals, we may see a situation differently and not agree with the other persons feelings. Sometimes, we have to treat them as important, regardless.

Im sure she does, im only asking if you feel *heard*.
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