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Hello S Cricket,
Welcome to our forum.

I think the range of boundaries that have been set is as vast as the array of individual people (as we're all unique). My personal set-up is a closed/poly-fi relationship.

The degree of honesty should probably be 100%, with the understanding that you don't have to be talking constantly, boring each other with details, or speaking harshly to each other. Honesty in the sense of, no secrets, and no bottling stuff in. Totally open yes, but I believe one should also be sensitive.

"I feel a desire to know about his interactions with other woman in his life just so I know about what is going on."
That seems like a reasonable request. Just talk with him about it; the two of you can probably work it out.

There will always be new stuff to learn; glad you're here and that we could learn stuff with you.

Kevin T.
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